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Our local 9-1-1 service was created in 1982 by consolidating both the Shelton Police Dispatch and Mason County Sheriff's Office Dispatch, and was know as Shelton Dispatch. Shelton Dispatch contracted their services with Shelton Police Department, Mason County Medic One, Shelton Fire Department, Squaxin Tribal Police Department, Point no Point Tribal Enforcement , and Fire Protection Districts 1, 4 , 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, and 18. In June 1995, Shelton Dispatch became one of the first agencies in Washington to convert to the enhanced 9-1-1 system.

In the early 1990's, Shelton Dispatch became SHELCOM, located in the original Shelton Fire Department facility at 2nd and W. Franklin Street. Growth in our service area created a need to expand, and in 2000 the center moved to the Shelton Civic Center at 525 W Cota Street. By 2004, consolidating a second Fire/EMS only dispatch center (FIRECOM) with SHELCOM became a major topic. Over the next four years, an agreement was reached and the consolidation was completed on January 1, 2008. With this consolidation, the new joint agency needed a new title, and after a vote by staff, the new joint agency would be known as Mason County Emergency Communications (MACECOM).

Michael Evans Executive Director (360) 432-5140
Mary Ransier Garrett RPL Deputy Executive Director (360) 432-5141
Dan DuPont IT Technician (360) 426-4441
Macecom's mission is to work with our public safety partners in order to provide quality police, fire, medical, emergency, and non-emergency services to all who live, work, and visit Mason County. By answering 911 and non-emergency calls in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner and dispatching the appropriate response; we help to save lives, protect property, and assist citizens in their time of />
Repect: We will respect and care for each other and treat everyone as a valued member of the team.
Integrity: We are committed to the highest level of professional and ethical conduct.
Service = QANPC3: Each team member shall actively help others and contribute to the effectiveness of the team and serve co-workers, the public, and members of user and outside agencies to the best of their ability. They will abide by the service equation, QANPC3, in order to be quick, accurate, nice, professional, and cool, calm, and collected at all times.
Fun: Everyday we will give our best effort to have fun along the way.

To be trusted and valued members of the Mason County Public Safety Team.

We will treat others the way we wish to be treated.
We will be tolerant of ordinary mistakes and learn from them.
We will not tolerate lapses in ethics or integrity.
We will work as a team, with each other and with user agencies.
We will treat everyone with respect and dignity.
We will demonstrate personal and professional courtesy with others.
We will remember that our customers are everyone.